Hello everyone! :)
Today, I am honored to announce that we have a few Looking Glass Knight’s available that are looking for a great home!
These statues come directly from our studio and will be individually hand painted, signed, and numbered. We have a limited amount of 15 statues available, and will be available on a first come first serve basis.
All proceeds will be donated to those who stream Dark Souls in the upcoming global extra-life.org event. Play some games, heal kids! 
Interested? We’re asking for a donation of USD $255 per figurine, limited one per household (shipping is separate; please inquire).
Ready to grab one? Hit us up! LinkDeadStudios [at] Gmail.com
Link Dead Studios
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A Reflection of Link Dead Studios 2013

Magically, this year has flown by us at warp speed. It’s pretty crazy as to what has happened over the past year at such a racing pace. 

It’s incredible to think that in just 12 months Link Dead Studios has come so far and has had a lot of amazing opportunities. If it wasn’t for you guys, as the fans, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet some badass people. It’s been an extremely wild ride and we’ve learned so much along the way.

Re-sculpting designs multiple times. Moulds breaking. Defective Resin casts due to air bubbles. Exploding airbrushes. Cats sitting on designs. Cats puking on designs.

Ruins are still, even with all of the above, yet to be explored. The greatness of 2014 is in front of our eyes and the fog of war has yet to be discovered. It’s going to be a great year, and we promise there is going to be amazing shit.

Oh, yeah — how could we forget? We have a really, really, really, exciting piece of news to share with everyone.


Well. Too bad. You’re going to have to wait. :)

Thanks for making this year a blast, and we look forward to making you suffer another Few Weeks™ until sharing what we’ve had in the works for the past few months.

Happy New Years!

Link Dead Studios

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Dark Souls Flash Sale 75% Off

If you haven’t already experienced this, and you have been waiting on a great deal, Dark Souls is now available on the Steam flash sale store for 75% off until 2:45am PST - July 12th 2013. Seriously, everyone, it’s a great game. Now’s the chance to grab it at a sweet price. Praise the Sun!

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On the tip of yer toes yet?

We have something big upcoming in the next week. I hope you are ready, because the update we have for you will totally blow you out of the water. Six headed hydra style.

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